Visions of Mind
Architectures for Cognition and Affect

Editor: Darryl N. Davis
Publisher: IDEA Group INC.
Published: ISBN:159140483-5      March 2005
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Authors and Chapters

The main objective of this collection is to present an overview of the research area of artificial minds at the start of the twenty first century. The project will result in the publication of a collected work.
This project builds on the HOW TO DESIGN A FUNCTIONING MIND Symposium held in Spring 2000.

Aims and Objectives

An Introduction (HTML)
Original Text Proposal (PDF)
Aims and Objectives (HTML)

Support Material

VofM Keyword List (Liable to be Modified) (HTML)
Interviews with Minds (HTML)
Partial Bibiography (Liable to be Modified) (HTML)
Background Material and Links
AISB 2000 Author List (HTML)
Tentative Author List (HTML)
Chapter Abstracts(HTML)

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