Visions of Mind
Architectures for Cognition and Affect

Links to related and background material for the collection of work that runs under the title "Visions of Mind".

Testing for and about Affect and the Emotions
Charles Babbage and the Difference Engine
ACM SIGCHI - Cognitive Architetures
The AI Warehouse
CiteSeer: Online Digital Scientific Library
NIBBS: The Human Nature Daily Review
Elsevier Science Direct
Why the future doesn't need us. Article from Wired by Bill Joy
MIND AND BODY: René Descartes to William James (by Robert H. Wozniak)
IEEE Computer Systems (AI:A Science Fiction Perspective)
Lawrence W. Barsalou @ EMORY, USA.
Do you mean conscious, unconscious, subconsciour or non-conscious?
Baars reviews "Quest for Consciousness"
Liquid Brains: Cellular Automata etc. (A. Ilachinski)
Functional imaging of `theory of mind' H.L. Gallagher and C.D. Frith, Trends in Cognitive Sciences Volume 7, Issue 2 , February 2003, Pages 77-83
The mind's best trick: how we experience conscious will D.M. Wegner, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 2 , February 2003, Pages 65-69
Why visual attention and awareness are different V.A. F. Lamme, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Volume 7, Issue 1 , January 2003, Pages 12-18
Personality Process William Revelle
Expectataion and the Placebo Effect
The Springer-Verlag Offspring

Last updated: August 2003