Visions of Mind          Accepted Abstracts List


Darryl Davis (Editor)
 Forward: Computational Architectures for Cognition and Affect see Page University of Hull

Andrew Adamatzky

  Parachemistry of Mind: Computational Experiments with Doxastic and Affective Solutions PDF     University of West England, UK

Brian Logan And Elizabeth Gordon
 A Goal Processing Architecture for Game Agents PDF or University of Nottingham


Bruce Edmonds
 Implementing Free Will PDF Manchester Metropolitan University , UK.


Colin G. Johnson

  Does a functioning mind need a functioning body? PDF     University of Kent, UK

David Glasspool
The integration and control of behaviour: Insights from neuroscience and AI PDF Advanced Computation Laboratory, Cancer Research, London, UK


Fernand Gobet & Peter C.R. Lane

  The CHREST architecture of cognition: Listening to empirical data PDF

    Universitry of Nottingham & University of Herfordshire, UK

Joanna Bryson
  Modular Representions of Cognitive Phenomena in AI, Psychology and Neuroscience

University of Bath, UK


John Barnden
Metaphor, Self-Reflection and the Nature of Mind PDF University of Birmingham , UK.


John Fox
  Frames of mind(In memory of Allen Newell) PDF Advanced Computation Laboratory, Cancer Research, London, UK


Matthias Scheutz
APOC - An Architecture Framework for the Analysis and Development of Complex Agents
PDF       University of Notre Dame Indiana USA


Michel Aubé
Beyond Needs:  Emotions and the Commitment Requirement PDF       Université de Sherbrooke , Canada


Pentti Haikonen
  Artificial Minds and Conscious Machines PDF       Nokia Research Center, Finland


Push Singh
  An Architecture for Combining Ways to Think PDF       MIT Media Lab, Boston, USA.


Stan Franklin
  A “Consciousness” Based Architecture for a Functioning Mind PDF       University of Memphis, USA


William Clocksin
  Memory and Emotion in the Cognitive Architecture PDF       Oxford Brookes University , UK.