AISB 2000 How to Design a Functioning Mind Authors List


Aaron Sloman

      Models of Models of Mind

University of Birmingham, UK.


Brian Logan

A design study for an AFP (Attention Filter Penetration) Architecture

University of Nottingham


Bruce Edmonds

Towards Implementing Free Will

Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.


Carl Frankel and Rebecca Ray 

Emotion, intention and the control architecture of adaptively competent information processing

San Francisco State University, USA.


Darryl Davis

Minds have personalities - Emotion is the core

University of Hull


David Glasspool

The Integration and control of behaviour:Insights from neuroscience and AI

Advanced Computation Laboratory, Cancer Research UK, London, UK.


Doug Riecken


Rutgers University, USA


Joanna Bryson

Making Modularity Work: Combining Memory Systems and Intelligent Processes in a Dialog Agent

University of Bath, UK


John Barnden

      Simulating simulating minds, metaphorically speaking

University of Birmingham, UK.


John Fox

      Making a mind: a cognitive engineering approach

Advanced Computation Laboratory, Cancer Research UK, London, UK.


Keith Oatley

      Shakespeare's invention of theatre as a simulation that runs on minds

      University of Toronto, Canada


Marvin Minsky

      Future Models for Mind-Machines

      MIT, USA


Matthias Scheutz

      Behavioral States: Linking Functional and Physical Descriptions

      University of Notre Dame, Indiana .


Pat Hayes

      How to make a Self (abstract)

      University of West Florida, USA.


Pentti Haikonen

      An Artificial Mind via Cognitive Modular Neural Architecture

      Nokia Research Center, Finland


Stan Franklin

      A "Consciousness" Based Architecture for a Functioning Mind

      University of Memphis, USA


William Clocksin

      A Narrative Architecture for Functioning Minds: A Social Constructionist Approach

      Oxford Brookes University, UK.


Zippora Arzi-Gonczarowski

      A blueprint for a mind by a categorical commutative diagram

      Typographics Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel.