Computer and Artificial Music

This Is Very Much An Open Question

Any any answers i or anyone else may care to venture on whether someting is art, music (or other) are purely tentative and very much a question of taste, fashion, style and prejeudice.


Liquid Persian Music

Liquid Persian Music These pages are the results of the collaboration between my PhD student Sahar Arshi and myself (more in due course)

Liquid Brain Music

These pages on Liquid Brain Music are the results of the collaboration between my final year students and myself (Liquid Persian Music will be more recent)

Demonstration Programs

Liquid Brain Music
Artificial Music Composition Tool. Cellular Automata driven Generative Synthesiser. Written by Chris Turner (Final Year U/G).
Artificial Music Composition Tool (PhaseII- Additive (and not Subtractive) Synthesiser).

Here are set of links from:
Courses of study in Sound and Computer Music
A number of colleges and universities offer courses of study and degrees in computer music and/or other subjects related to computers and sound. This link gets you to SIGSOUND.

Music & Computers
The Magazine for Desktop Music DUKE NUKEM composer Bobby Prince shares his secrets!

Computer Music bibliography

Evolutionary Music Bibliography

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More to come in this later...


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