Artificial Intelligence (and Prolog) Teaching Resources

Dr Darryl N. Davis

AI (using Prolog) Module Support Material

AI Notes: (ZIP File)
AI Prolog Notes: (PDF File)
Some Old Coursework (including labsheets, assignment etc.) for 2004-2005
       (ZIP File) Includes all Prolog Based coursework && Code from Lectures
The Prolog Code for 08226 (now quite old)
       (ZIP file)
Online copy of
       Answer Sheet to LabSheet1 (pdf)       
What are The Recommended Texts?
       List of referenced and alternative books for AI module

Prolog Support and Environments

Glossary for Prolog
       Online Prolog Glossary
SWI-Prolog Home Pages
       (Prolog Freeware, FAQ, Documentation etc.) The Prolog used for teaching purposes - get your own copy
HTML Manual For SWI-Prolog
       Use this as first stop for Prolog Questions see above site source.
Online Prolog Dictionary
       Interactive HTML with Answers and Explanations
Online Prolog Tutorial
       Interactive Prolog Resource page []
Online Prolog Tutorial (Brayshaw-Tamsin)
       Interactive HTML with Answers and Explanations
Beginning Prolog
       Online Prolog Introduction This should be evident from the lectures but in any case...
More On-Line Prolog       
       This time from California
Prolog Frequently Asked Questions
       Prolog F.A.Q. (from Newsgroup comp.lan.prolog)
Prolog Tutorials
       Prolog Tutorials        Prolog Examples in HTML

AI Software

Windows based zip file containing AI and Alife executables and Prolog exemplars
       The Virtual AI Lab
Constraints in Search Demonstrator
       Eight Queens - runs under NT/MS-windows
       Zip file from Department of Computer Science, University of Essex
Go Demonstrator
       EEGO - runs under NT/MS-windows
       Zip file containing Game Playing Software for GO
Alternative perspectives on AI.
       What is an AI-Lab?
       The AILab at University of Iowa
       Carnegie Mellon University AI Resources

Hot Potatoes and Other Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Liquid, Brains, Artificial Life Bibliography
        (pdf File)
Andy Ilachinski's Artificial War (Agents and A-life)
        (pdf File)
What are Search Algorithms?
        Introduction to AI: Search Algorithms (pdf)
What are Agents?
       Collected Resources on Agents
What is AI?
       Different perspectives from prominant AI figures.
Hot Potatoes: AI's greatest trends and controversies
       The FRAME Problem in AI
       AI At The Movies, Spielberg, The Matrix, Terminator. The IEEE Perspective
       Hot Potatoes IEEE Intelligent Systems and their applications, Jan/Feb 2000 pp 8--17,
       AI articles at: New Scientist Hot Topic
       AI in Computer Games Review
       IEEE Article : AI & Games (2002)
AI : Audio Infernal (?????).
       First Computer Musical Composition (1957)
       AI and Music (Overview)
       IEE Times (2002)
Artistic Left Brain - Right Brain
       HTML article about differences in left and right hemishpere brain processing from an artist's perspective

Further Resources/Journals/FAQs etc for Artificial Intelligence

Online Artificial Intelligence Dictionary
       External website
NEAT Links to AI Websites
Visions of Minds Links to AI Websites
Artificial Intelligence Journal
       The Journal Online
ACM Digital Library (Go to it and search for AI-themed articles)
AI and Edinburgh (UK AI Capital?)
       AI Society at Edinbugh UNiversity
       AI Applications Institute in Edinbugh
The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour
       AISB Resources
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
       AI Resources
       HTML article about computational limits of silicon-based processing and intelligence
Robot Autopsy
       If your toy breaks, see what is inside!
Philosophy Online
       Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Enclopeadia Online
       Main Page for Wickipedia
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